Tech Neck

Treatment for "Tech Neck" at Joga Chiropractic Center

An Occupational Cause of Neck Pain and Back Pain

In the modern age of technology, it is common to spend long hours at the computer and on mobile devices. Due to this, we are seeing more and more incidences of a painful occupational hazard we call "tech neck." Despite the amusing moniker, this condition is quite serious. If you suffer from neck pain, back pain, headaches and other debilitating symptoms, your work habits might be at fault. Fortunately, Dr. Viktorija Joga, our chiropractor serving West Los Angeles and Westchester, understands the biomechanics behind this condition and can offer various natural healing methods to help rid you of these symptoms.

business man with tech neck painGood posture is critical for maintaining healthy spinal alignment and musculoskeletal balance. Even small deviations eventually lead to chronic pain and stiffness. The cervical spine is particularly vulnerable to neural and muscular problems that stem from poor office ergonomics. If it is forced to support the weight of the skull in an off-balance position, muscle strain and nerve impingement can quickly follow. Unfortunately, long hours spent working at a computer often create the conditions necessary for tech neck, especially if your desk or monitor height requires you to adopt a "head forward" position.

You shouldn’t assume that you're immune to tech neck simply because you don't work at a desk. Many of today's tech workers enjoy freeing themselves from traditional desktop arrangements by using their laptops from the comfort of a couch or recliner. In reality, the result of this behavior can be anything but comfortable, as the lack of spinal support from these relaxed positions creates serious strain in the neck and back. Even mobile phone users can experience these problems. Constant texting places stress on the upper back and can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, "tennis elbow" and wrist pain. Workers who constantly crook their necks when talking on the phone can develop chronic neck stiffness and pain as well. 

It's worth noting that anything that affects nerve function in the cervical spine can produce symptoms above and beyond neck pain. For instance, you may experience headaches that are actually caused by strain on the cervical and thoracic regions of the spine.

Our West Los Angeles and Westchester Chiropractor Can "De-tech" Your Neck

If you believe you may be suffering from tech neck, then it's time to schedule a consultation with our West Los Angeles and Westchester chiropractor. (Dr. Joga sees patients in both of our clinic locations.) You may have a longstanding misalignment in your cervical spine. Additionally, habitual poor posture may have initially contributed to misalignment. Either way, we can perform chiropractic adjustments to help restore proper vertical alignment.

Other natural healing modalities such as massage therapy and corrective exercises can help relieve sore muscles, restore range of motion, and strengthen the neck to protect against future problems. We may also prescribe a "Posture Medic" support for extra daytime relief, or recommend ergonomic adjustments for healthier work conditions. Contact us to learn more!

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