Our West Los Angeles and Westchester Chiropractor Dr Joga Uses Rock Tape As A Chiropractic Treatment For Common Sports Injuries

If you are an athlete struggling with reoccurring injury, then you know the importance of wrapping, taping and bracing. RockTape is a treatment we like to use to provide our patients with support and natural pain relief, durable and flexible enough for any lifestyle or activity level. RockTape is most frequently used to help professional athletes perform to the best of their abilities, but the average patient will benefit just as greatly.

What is RockTape?

RockTape is a new therapeutic tape that is commonly used by athletes to help treat injuries and enhance performance. It is also called Kinesio Tape or Kinesiology Tape. You might have already seen RockTape on the shoulder of an NBA player or a tennis pro like Serena Williams. The tape typically used by professional athletes and Olympians is black and often looks like it wouldn’t be doing anything helpful, yet the results are amazing. RockTape is made of 97% cotton and 3% nylon for a natural-hybrid product.

RockTape was originally created and used by chiropractors in Japan. It goes beyond other Kinesiology Tapes, being created specifically for athletes in the height of competition. The tape was made to withstand extreme conditions and work for any age.

How will RockTape Help?

The process uses no drugs, but will alleviate pain and prevent injury. The tape is woven so that it only stretches in one direction, allowing greater control and support. RockTape is adhered to your skin with a hypo-allergenic, latex-free adhesive that lifts your skin away from the soft tissue.

The lift is microscopic, but it enables the blood to move into an injured area, allowing accelerated healing and recovery. The pressure that typically causes irritation in the injured area is relieved.

The tape can also be used to correct tracking issues in your elbows, shoulders or knees and correcting posture problems. Posture-correcting can be especially helpful to pregnant women struggling with pregnancy-related posture issues.

RockTape for Sports Injuries

The great part about RockTape is that it allows you to continue on with your daily routine. Whether you are currently experiencing pain from injury, or just prone to a certain type of injury, Kinesio Taping can provide a helpful and natural solution that won’t interfere with your activities. Some of the most common injuries or problems treated by RockTape include:

· Achilles tendonitis

· Plantar fasciitis

· Jumpers knee (PFS)

· ACL/MCL problems

· Rotator cuff

· Pulled groin or hamstring

· Lower back pain, spasms or strains

· Shin splints

· Golf and tennis elbow


Visit Your Chiropractor for Kinesio Tape

Your chiropractor will apply the tape correctly to help with your problem and then give you instructions for when to remove the tape or return for a re-taping. RockTape is water resistant and able to be worn up to five days. Your taping job will hold up during any activity and you will be able to shower, swim and live as if it wasn’t there at all.

If you are interested in the benefits of Kinesio Taping, contact us today at 424-800-2488

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