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About Sports Injury Care Provided by Joga Chiropractic

When you're on the field or court, it's possible for you to sustain an injury. Even just going for a run could put you at risk for getting hurt. As long as your body is moving, you're at risk for injury. Pain medications ease your discomfort, but they don't treat the problem like a chiropractor from Joga Chiropractic Center can.

sports injury

About Sports Injuries

Any type of injury you sustain while you're participating in physical activity counts as a sports-related injury. Two of the more common injuries are sprains and strains, which can happen anywhere in your body where you have soft tissue. Strains occur when you damage your muscles. The muscle either tears or stretches too much. Sprains, on the other hand, occur when the ligaments tear, twist, or pull apart. Generally, if you're experiencing difficulty moving, you have a strain. Swelling tends to occur more frequently with sprains. The most common injuries occur in the ankles, knees, and feet. 

You could have back pain from a fall or overexerting your back. Head injuries are also possible from sports, in particular, football. In contact sports, it's possible to suffer from whiplash or spinal injuries. 

Treating Sports Injuries

Our chiropractor treats sports injuries based on the type of injury you have. For instance, we may use a spinal alignment if you have a back injury. This treatment realigns the spine, so both the discs and vertebrae are in line with one another. We use it for neck injuries like whiplash as well. It also promotes blood flow throughout the area to promote healing. We use it for neck injuries like whiplash as well. Spinal decompression is another treatment we use for back injuries. During this particular process, our chiropractor situates you on a table where you're connected to pulleys. They gently pull your spine from two different directions to pull the vertebrae apart and allow the discs to heal.

We may fit you for a brace to stabilize an area if you sustained an injury. We use massage therapy to relieve tension and lessen your pain and discomfort. Our massage therapist reaches the soft tissue deep inside of your body. This therapy enhances blood flow to the area as well. Our chiropractor might also prescribe exercise therapy to work the muscles and other soft tissue. The treatment consists of our chiropractor guiding you through exercises that work the soft tissue slowly. The exercises increase flexibility and help a person regain function in that area.

Schedule an appointment for sports injury treatment by contacting Joga Chiropractic Center at 424-800-2488.   

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