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Chiropractic Services for seniors in Westchester, LA near LAX

Dr. Viktorija Joga, our Westchester and West Los Angeles  chiropractor, provides senior chiropractic care. Dr. Joga is a dedicated chiropractor for seniors and she uses gentle adjustments to alleviate years of discomfort that are the result of poor posture, an untreated injury or the aging process. As your body ages, changes occur in areas such as your bones, muscles and hormones. These changes can lead to conditions such as osteoporosis which increases your risk of injury to your spine or hips. You may also be experiencing a recurrence of pain in a condition that occurred during your younger years. Regardless of your reasons for seeking chiropractor treatments, our Westchester, LA chiropractor, and the staff at Joga Chiropractic Center, Inc. want to help you.


Senior chiropractic care in Westchester will include a thorough evaluation of your spinal condition as well as a look at other joints such as your hips, knees, shoulders, wrists and ankles. Dr. Joga will discuss the results with you and show you how chiropractic care can help to alleviate discomfort and improve your quality of life. If you are experiencing a lack of blood flow to your extremities, for example, our chiropractor in Westchester, LA will explain how spinal adjustments increase blood flow and healing throughout your body.

Chiropractic Services for Seniors Improve Quality of Life

You do not have to accept the ways aging tries to slow down your activity level. With chiropractic care your energy is restored, your muscles are stronger and your spine supports an increase in physical activity. The more you move, the better you feel and as a result, your quality of life improves. Our chiropractor for older adults uses gentle techniques to help you overcome any barriers to your quality of life. Even if you are dealing with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia or diabetes, you can find relief and improvement with natural chiropractic care. We may also suggest pairing your chiropractic adjustments with other services such as massage therapy to reduce muscle tension and enhance blood flow. We also offer training programs to strengthen your core to strongly support your daily movements.

Our wellness staff at Joga Chiropractic will encourage you to expand your boundaries and lead a full life. We discuss your personal goals and then develop a plan to reach those. Maybe you want to walk your first 5K- we can help you with that. Along with our chiropractic services, we want to reach every area of your life including nutritional guidance and improved sleep to help restore and improve your quality of life. Once you begin your chiropractic care program, you will see and feel the difference in your physical strength and mental attitude. No longer are you limited by your aging body. You can once again be as active and mobile and pain-free as you were decades ago.

We encourage you to call us today at 424-800-2488 to schedule your initial consultation and begin your care program.

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