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Frequently Asked Wellness Care Questions at Joga Chiropractic Center

While it's easy enough to associate chiropractic services with injury rehabilitation or pain management, the important role they can play in keeping you healthy may be less obvious to you. Here are some frequently asked questions about the wellness care we can provide here at Joga Chiropractic Center.

Wellness Care at Joga Chiropractic in Westchester.

How does my spinal alignment affect my overall health and wellness?

Spinal alignment can have a profound effect on the efficiency of your nervous system. Misalignments often cause impingement of nerve tissue that impairs the flow of critical instructions from the brain to the body. By keeping your spinal alignment in good shape, we also keep your body and brain communicating properly with each other.

Does medical research support the effectiveness of chiropractic wellness care?

Indeed it does. A four-year research study recently found that people who received chiropractic care enjoyed significantly higher degrees of wellness than those who didn't. Among other impressive statistics, these individuals enjoyed 43 percent fewer hospital admissions, underwent 43.2 percent fewer operations, and spent 51.8 percent less on pharmaceuticals. 

I'm told that a particular ailment runs in my family. How can chiropractic care overcome genetics?

While we can't rewrite your genetic code, we firmly believe that you can take control of your future health through the actions you take right now. We can administer the right combination of chiropractic care and lifestyle advice to help you help yourself.

What are "maintenance adjustments?"

This is a term sometimes applied to small, incremental adjustments administered on an as-needed basis. If you're visiting us for periodic spinal screenings, our chiropractor has an opportunity to find and fix these little problems before they become big ones -- thus helping you stay well and free of musculoskeletal pain.

Does chiropractic wellness care make sense for kids?

Chiropractic wellness care is a great way to keep your kids in optimal health throughout their formative growing years. By making sure their spines are in line and their nervous systems are functioning well, we can minimize the impact of many childhood illnesses, from colic and ear infections to ADHD. We can also detect the earliest signs of scoliosis in time to present you with whatever treatment options may be advisable.

Can seniors benefit from chiropractic wellness care?

Seniors who find it harder and harder to stay healthy with the advancing years can benefit greatly from chiropractic wellness care. Our adjustments and other natural techniques can support joint flexibility, muscle strength, and systemic function, helping you enjoy a healthy life without relying heavily on pain medications and other drugs.

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