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Our Westchester CA Chiropractor Answers Frequently Asked Questions about Sciatica

At Joga Chiropractic Center, we offer all natural sciatica treatment from a whole person perspective. If you recently received a diagnosis of sciatica, we understand you may have questions about how a West Los Angeles and Westchester chiropractor can help. 

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What is sciatica? 

Sciatica is a condition where you experience pain running from the low back to the legs. This pain may be a result of an underlying medical condition, such as a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, subluxations or the spine, or degenerative disc disease. 

What are the symptoms of sciatica? 

Sciatica symptoms vary by the individual, and usually affect one side of the body rather than both. If you have sciatica you may feel pain in your legs or butt, pins and needles feeling, pain that's worse when you're sitting down, burning or searing feelings, pain that gets worse when you stand up, difficulty moving your leg or foot as you would normally do, and stiffness or soreness.

What causes sciatica? 

Typically, there is an underlying musculoskeletal or spinal issue that causes sciatica symptoms to develop. Sciatica often indicates that you have a slipped, bulging, or herniated disc. It may indicate a stress fracture of the spine, degenerative disc disease, piriformis syndrome, or an SI joint problem. Pregnant women may get sciatica. Our chiropractor will examine your biomechanics to determine what is causing your sciatica symptoms. We must treat your condition at the root to prevent a recurrence of sciatica pain. 

How does chiropractic relieve sciatica pain? 

Our chiropractor can diagnose your sciatica pain and determine what is causing it. We can relieve the pain you feel while also treating the root of your sciatica so you stop feeling symptoms. We may use spinal decompression to relieve herniated or slipped discs, or provide adjustments that relieve subluxations of the spine. If piriformis or SI joint issues are causing sciatica, we may suggest corrective exercises and stretches to prevent flare-ups.

We believe that core training is vital to preventing spinal issues. Once you have recovered from sciatica pain, we will get you on our core strengthening and stabilizing program. 

Will you help me keep sciatica from coming back? 

YES! We believe that by finding and treating the root of sciatica, we can prevent sciatica pain from coming back. We also know that by educating patients on causes of sciatica, and using preventative therapies, we can keep your body healthy. We may perform massage or suggest lifestyle changes for whole person health. 

Just as your sciatica has its own unique cause, your treatment will be unique to you. By treating sciatica pain at the root, rather than giving you a pill to hide the symptoms, we can promote full-body wellness. 

Take the first step toward wellness by visiting our Westchester chiropractic clinic today. New patients to Joga Chiropractic Center receive a free consultation. To reserve your free appointment in West Los Angeles or Westchester CA, contact us at 424-800-2488.

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